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Early-Stage Specialist

With 7 years of marketing under my belt, I have extensive experience propelling early-stage direct-to-consumer brands to significant growth stages. I've been right where you are – as the client, making the tough calls, tweaking campaigns, and yes, even nitpicking over other folks' content. It's all been prep work for my real gig: crafting killer user-generated content that actually gets the job done. 


View here to see how I provide and organize deliverables.

Spotlight: Therapy Notebooks

Client wanted a product intro video and paid ad with green-screen that leverages a personal story. Packaging two different types of content into one brief will help you get the most bang for your buck with tons of evergreen b-roll.

Product Introduction Video for Online Product Page
Paid Ad w/ Green Screen Variation A
Paid Ad w/ Green Screen Variation B

Other Content

Naked Cotton Comparison
Haj Botanics
RØDE Product Unboxing
Naked Cotton Comparison
Haj Botanics
RØDE Product Unboxing
Product Demo (Playful)
Product Demo (One take)
Product Demo (Trending Sound)

Services & Pricing

*starting rates

Content Correction

& Mashups

Correct and elevate existing content through stitching, greenscreen, starting at $400.*



Test different variables including hooks, opening visuals, framing, typography starting at $800.*

Organic &

Ad Suite Content

Videos and photos to be used as paid, organic, or site content​ starting at $250.*

Add Ons, Custom Packages, & Raw Content

I'd love to work with you to create a custom package tailored to your needs.

Content Correction & Mashup Examples

Client received deliverables from other creators that didn't quite perform as standalone ads.

I worked to develop mashup ads that resulted in a 2.5+ ROAS that were then scaled to a weekly spend of $40k.

Example of original video

Video used with client permission.

Mashup ad w/ Green Screen

Through adding graphic popups, sound effects, & greenscreen effects, the ad was edited to be more informative and engaging.

Mashup Ad (Social Proof)

Another variation of a mashup ad using more content from other creators to reinforce social proof.

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