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Client Results

My client was able to 3.6x their monthly revenue from $86k to $314k within 4 months of working with me to optimize their ad creative strategy.


We started actively working on improving our ROAS in February 2023, and achieved a record breaking sales month within 4 months.

Site conversion rates held strong at about 3.2%-3.5% at the end of the test period.

Browse the gallery below for results.


Place Your Bets

Conducted customer interviews, analyzed past performance to develop ad creative insights, and shot and scripted 10 new ad concepts. Tested new ad creative at a starting 1.95 ROAS and $86k revenue. It took 7-10 days for the campaigns to exit the learning phase, after facing some issues with Meta.


Validate and Iterate

We selected the top 3 performing ad creative, and scaled them as much as we could. In the background, we also created further iterations of each of those 5 winning creative to test the following month by testing new hooks, new creators, and new editing styles.


Competition breeds success

ROAS dropped slightly as we started a new testing campaign that spent a meaningful amount of the month in the learning phase. This new testing campaign pitted our most promising ads against one another. We were still able to increase revenue, even though ROAS took a dip.


Concentrated CRO Improvements

Scaled the best of the best pieces of ad creative and let them coast, while focusing the remainder of our bandwidth on site changes, creating and testing new landing pages, advertorials, listicles, and improving product pages & checkout processes.

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